July 25, 2013

Sources for Free Graphics

The following places are good for finding photos and artwork to use on your blogs or websites. Most have specific terms for use, so pay attention to those. I give some instructions regarding this in the descriptions on the site.

To use flickr to find images that you can use, you will need to do an advanced search. First, search as usual...then click advanced search and then click "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content."  If you sell advertising on your site you will want to further limit it by clicking "Find content to use commercially."  All of these photos must be attributed, so link the picture back to its flickr page and credit the photographer.  If you want to use a flickr photo that is not under creative commons, you can contact the photographer and ask permission first.  
This basically uses Flickr, but has a layout that makes it very easy to find commercial images. Just do your search and click "commercial" on the sidebar under licensing and it will narrow it to commercial sites.
Every Stock Photo
Search for the photo, click one you want to use, then click the licensing tab to learn how you can use it. Most of these are licenced under creative commons.
Wikipedia Commons
Make sure to check the licence each of these is under. Many can be used publicly, some without even attribution, but read the licence carefully.
Pixabay.com is a repository for free public domain images. You can upload your own photos and share your work with others. You can use any image from this website freely for personal and commercial use without attributing the original author. They have really beautiful quality images.
The Graphics Fairy
She posts public domain images, mostly Victorian. You may use these images commercially. She asks that you not use more than 6 on a single project or within a single page of a blog or website.
Percy and Bloom
Collection of 100+ Years Old Copyright Free Images
Open Clip Art Gallery
All graphics donated to this site are required be waived of all rights, including copyright, according to the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. In other words, you can use these however you want.
Creative Commons Content Directories
This lists various sites which collect creative commons material. Creative commons pictures are often free for use, depending on the type of licence. Scroll down to the section on images to find many places you can search for photos.
Free Web Graphics: Where to Get Them (Legally!)
A very good lens with a fairly complete list of places to find free graphics. Has many sites I don't have listed here.
Reusable Art
Reusable Art - free images for crafts and other designers.
Morguefile.com free stock photos - free photos for creatives by creatives. Make sure to read the terms on each photo.
Public Domain Pictures - Free Stock Photos
Carefully read the terms on each picture. If they can't pull up a free picture for your search they will list pictures you need to pay a royalty for underneath, so be cautious.
Free Images and How to Use Them
Another lens on how to use free images and various places to find them, some of which I haven't tried yet!

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