June 17, 2013

Giveaways 4 Good

Enter this raffle to win a prize pack of multiple prizes including jewelery and a cowl. A donation to Little Tait's Preemie Fund is required to enter.  Only 14 entries so far!  Ends June 17.

According to LittleTait.com
Preemies are expensive. (But totally worth it, of course!) Just the cost of using a single bed-space in the NICU runs around $3000 a day. Little Tait was pretty much literally a “million-dollar baby,” before any reductions were made on his bills. At this point, by God’s grace, and through the help of so many people, all of his bills are taken care of … except the big one: the hospital bill.
Over the past few months, they have been working to raise $100,000 dollars. If they can raise this amount of money by Monday, the hospital will settle Little Tait's account. So far, they have a little over $77k. But time is running out.

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