January 26, 2011

Austrailia Day Giveaway and Game!

Happy Austrailia Day!
I wanted to wish all the Australians who may be visiting a Happy Austrailia Day!  

For those of you non-Austrailians, there's a fun Australia Day game going on at Make it Crafty, and its introduced me to some fun new Austrailian phrases, like...

Bob’s yer uncle
(No, actually, he's my dad.)

Good Onya!
(Hmmm...some sort of Austrailian blessing)

She’ll be apples
(As opposed to "she'll be oranges")

You can see a bunch more at Make it Crafty, and come up with your own meanings for them if you like!  But of course, she didn't tell us what any of them actually meant, so...if you happen to have some Australian knowledge or are willing to take the time to look it up, you can win a postcard from me here in Texas by telling me the meaning to the phrases about or any of the other ones listed on Make it Crafty in a comment below.  And if you happen to BE AUSTRALIAN you can win an even cooler prize here (no phrase interpretation required).

This givaway is only open to Austrailian residents over 18 (though you can ask your mom and dad to enter for you if you're younger).  I'll need your e-mail or your blog address where I can leave you a comment so I can contact you if you win.  Prizes not claimed within two weeks will also be forfeited.  Postcard Giveaway Ends February 1st (because I'm not sure about the time zone differences I will wait until the next morning close the giveaway for new entries). 

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  1. Gale I am glad you enjoyed the game and the Good Onya is spot on! Thanks so much for playing along and having a few laughs! hugs xxoo