December 13, 2010

Easy Win: Low Entry Giveaways

I'm starting to get enough people submitting giveaways that I think it's time for a linky! From now on every Monday night I will be posting a linky that people can submit giveaways with under 50 comments to.

My Favorite Low Entry Giveaways This Week!

Knit Whit Giveaways (12/15)
Nearly a lot of the giveaways she had listed on her
sidebar ended 12/15 have less than 50 comments.
I didn't have time to list them all.

Christmas Tunes for the Soul (12/15) 1 comment

Christmas Tunes for the Soul

(I ADORE guitar instrumental guitar music,
so this one is worth blogging for to me!  That one comment is mine!) 


I love her meaningful and poetic! 
OH, and if you're a mom, go read the lyrics to
the song Hourglass.  It'll stir your heart! 

  1. ONLY giveaways with less than 50 comments and less than 5 days left to enter are allowed on this linky (Exception:  If you are giving away more than 1 prize and have less than 50 comment per prize you can also enter your giveaway here.  Just put "2 Prizes" or "3 Prizes" or however many in title.)
  2.  Link directly to your giveaway post, not your main blog page.
  3.  Please submit in this format:  Giveaway Item (End Date) # of Current Comments

Kids Music CD (12/1) 23

If you don't have a graphic, you can use this daisy!  On the upper right you will see "Need to search a different web page for images?"  Just put my URL there and select the daisy graphic.

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