February 18, 2010

Strange and Funny Giveaways

I've been stumbling on lots of giveaways this month for some funny, odd, and unusual stuff!

There's this cool Snow White Mac Book Decal from Lil Decal Shop you can win over at Ms. Modern. If anyone ever wondered if giveaways lead to sales, well...this one did, because I showed the shop to my husband (there's so much geeky goodness there--a great place to shop for your guy friends) and got something.

The next thing I found was this wonderfully wild umbrella from UrbanTrim that changes color when it gets wet. The spots start out white then slowly change to the colors you see pictured when it gets rained on.

You can enter to win one at Sweeps 4 Bloggers through Feb 27.

And here's a REALLY strange one. MyCandyEyes.com sells all sorts of strange, wild contact lenses (and some more regular color changing ones). You can put stars in your eyes, make your eyes look like soccer balls, or give yourself anime cartoon eyes like the ones pictured here. Not sure if I'd want to do that (hmmm....maybe for Halloween), but it sure is fun to look. You can enter to win a pair at International Giveaways through March 2nd.

The last giveaway is actually not for something that odd--a very practical diaper bag with a built in wipes container. But it was the company name and logo that cracked me up. The company is His Royal Heine and, well, you can see the logo for yourself on the right--isn't that a hoot?! You can win one over at Organic Girl 0 Giveaways and Reviews (through March 18).

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