May 15, 2009

A Virtual Baby Shower for Mommie Daze

Comfort Joy DesignsMommie Daze is one of my favorite blogs to read when I need a good dose of mommy humor. Her post are both funny and insightful, and almost always leave me thinking "Yeah...amen to that!" And now and then she posts some really fun give-aways, too.

Well, she just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy (who came 5 weeks early!). I was thinking about telling everyone to go subscribe to her feed, so you'ld be able to catch her new posts when she has time to blog again--but she's blogging already...FROM THE HOSPITAL! If you've ever given birth you GOTTA read her hilarious 10 Things About the Hospital" post! And after you've browsed her blog and have a few laughs, you'll want to stop over at Comfort and Joy Blog for the virtual baby shower going on for her there. There's lots of fun virtual shower games with prizes! One of my favorites is the Baby Mad Libs Game. Wanna play? I'll give you a head start. First, copy paste the following into a notepad or something and fill in the blanks:

time of day:
sequence number (like 1st, 3rd, 100th):
household chore (ending in ing):
sequence number:
piece of furniture:
tv show:
adverb: head on over the the Baby Mad Libs Game and plunk your answers into their lib. You'll need to post it on your blog with a link to enter (or e-mail her if you don't have a blog)...and there's some other rules too so make sure to read the whole post. Anyways, lots of fun! Can't wait to hear what everyone put. Here's mine (don't peek if you haven't filled out your words yet!)...

"Yowzer!" gasped New Daddy. It was 11:59 pm and baby was awake for the 21st time today. New Mommy had been slothfully sweeping, but rushed to check on New Baby. "No, no," said New Daddy, who had been relaxing by calligraphy. "I'm always non-perishable to help with the baby. I'll go." New Mommy was stamp collecting, since this was only the 1st time that New Daddy had offered to help. In fact, New Daddy was more inclined to snack on mandarine orange chicken, while sitting on the bunk beds, watching Battlestar Galactica. New Mommy knew that she should studiously accept, because New Daddy might not offer again!

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