February 19, 2009

About Privacy

I wanted to address privacy concerns people may have.

First, I NEVER ever sell any of the information you give me. I wouldn't even know how to do that if I wanted to (and I DON'T want to).

To enter a giveaway I always do ask for an e-mail address (unless you are logged into blogger and your e-mail is listed on your profile). If you win I use your e-mail to contact you and will ask for your mailing address to send your prize. If you win a giveaway which is sponsored by someone else I will send your e-mail to the person who is providing the prize so they can contact you for your address and any other info they need to provide your prize. I also may use your e-mail to respond to something you said in your comment or thank you for entering.

Note, though, that this is a public blog and the comments are public, so I can't guarantee information you post in your comments won't be found here and mis-used by someone else. I suggest formatting your e-mails as follows to avoid having them possibly picked up by a web-crawler:

email at gmail dot com

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at ecarian at yahoo dot com