November 24, 2014

Hearts Should Be Free - Volunteers Needed

Hello.  Every year from January 15 to February 15 I host Hearts Should Be Free, an event that uses giveaways to help raise awareness of modern slavery.  Last year 544 people entered the giveaways (that's NOT 544 entries, that's 544 separate people who entered one or more of the giveaways).  Many of these people didn't know ANYTHING about modern slavery before they encountered HSBF.  Each giveaway post focused on a different aspect of modern slavery to help educate people.  You can read more about our impact in the 2014 recap, or visit the giveaways from last year to get an idea of what this is about.

Would you like to help with the 2015 Hearts Should Be Free?  Below are some ways you can help.  You can also keep up with the event by following our Facebook Page.

Help for 2015

Help Promote Hearts Should Be Free
I always appreciate any help spreading the word about this event.  Sharing about Hearts Should Be Free on your blog, facebook page, twitter, and other venues is extremely appreciated.  There's a button you can grab below if you want to use it on your blog or website.

I also would love to have people volunteer to be on the Linky Promotion Team where we each split up a list of giveaway linkies (places where you can share links to giveaways for free) to post giveaways for this event to.  If you want to be on the Linky Promotion Team please e-mail me at (and put HSBF in the title so I don't miss it--thanks!).

(More Sizes Here)

Grammar Police
Seriously, if while reading any of the giveaways or related posts you spot an error or dead link, please e-mail me at (put HSBF in the title so I don't miss it).

If you're interested in helping with next year's event,
please e-mail me at
(and put HSBF in the subject).

Be a Sponsor
I am looking for artisans to donate items for the giveaways for hearts should be free.  You can get more info on how we promote our sponsors here. If you are interested in either of these e-mail me at (put HSBF in the subject, please).

Help Me Organize a Blog-O-Thon OR Join One
Last year I tried organizing an "Anti-Slavery" blog-o-thon encouraging others to blog about slavery.  HUGE FLOP.  No one joined.  Didn't help that I tried to do it during the event, when I didn't really have time to promote it separately. But I still like the idea.  I'd like to organize one some other time during the year (not during the event), with a focus on blogging about slavery where you live.  If you would be interested in joining a blog-o-thon like that OR helping me organize it, please e-mail me at (put HSBF in the subject, please).

International Friends - Help Me Bring These Giveaways To More Places
Since slavery is a world wide problem, I would like to open these giveaways to  to as many countries as possible.  But I am simply not able to research giveaway laws in every country.   If you are from another country and would like to be able to participate in our giveaways, I could use your help researching the laws about giveaways where you live.  E-mail me at with HSBF if you are interested in helping with this.

Translation Help 
I am working on compiling a list of websites about modern slavery in as many languages as possible.  If you speak English and another language, I could use help finding websites and online articles about slavery in your language, and I also need help translating a couple sentences to introduce these websites.   E-mail me at  if you are interested in helping with this (put HSBF in the subject, please).


  1. Definitely count me in! Email me at

  2. Great! I have the button up already - I love this initiative!